The idea of becoming a photographer started when I was 19, living in Patagonia Argentina where I was born. My path changed direction after studying Biology when I decided to do a photography course. After that I started the bachelors program in photography. Following completion of the program I lived in Spain for a while where I studied Art and Photoperiodism, both of my true passions.

As time passes for someone like me, the sensations change. Tastes change, beliefs change, and love changes. I evolved and my environment accompanied me in that evolution. As the years go by I remember the happy moments and the laughter and I keep them in my heart. The cold winter mornings, the long summers, thousands of images that are projected in my mind every day. We cling to our likes and opinions to feel safe and fulfilled, but the call to metamorphosis is always there.

There are many things that have stayed with me since I was small, and I can tell that the fascination for the images is one of them. I can see in fixed, mobile, digital, analog, large or small, giant or tiny formats their colors, shapes, textures, vibrations, faces, bodies, feelings, whatever it is, It is irrelevant to me how the image is presented, there will always be something that is interesting to me. This is where my love for photography and the camera comes from. To me the camera is a tool to explore and rediscover and capture moments that are no longer there. I seek to capture moments of situations that were and will now be forever. Thanks to my camera, I keep those ephemeral moments frozen forever and eternal thanks to a beam of light that is illuminated in my camera. To me this is divinity.

I want to know and explore this infinite world of possible images. I wish to live it and above all enjoy each stage while being able to seamlessly shift to a new look, getting varied perspectives from the same eye, but not from the same mind, as we are in constant evolution.

My photographs are the facts of my reality, of what I see, of how I think, of how I feel, of what surrounds me. Portraying anything that will never be what it was and making that moment immortal is something that I will never stop loving.